A free copy of Polychem is available for download by all teachers, students, and organizations.

Polychem is a 'one-stop' comprehensive (two year) program developed with notes, assessment, 3D activities, video and interaction. It provides more than a pure web-based program could ever attempt. Although the software is optimized by reducing graphic resolutions and video file sizes, it is still about 500MB. Even when zipped for download, it is more than 280MB.

The download contains everything, including videos, so be patient with slower connections. Download time can be 20 minutes, so download in the background or be prepared to get a coffee while waiting!

What you need to know:

*The download contains all the files you need. Once the Polychem folder is opened, only one file needs to be opened: 'POLYCHEM'.*The unzipped file will play on both PC and Mac (up to Mac OS 10.6 only).

*You can use the software for individual, class, or demonstration purposes.

*You need to be connected to the Internet for this copy to initialize correctly each time it is used. You do not need to remain connected, the program just gets an initial validation message from the server.

*You use the software subject to any conditions determined as necessary by the owner of the intellectual property.

*Server messages may be displayed on the contents screen.

All the best for your chemistry studies



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