What others have written about this chemistry software

Teacher comments

"Students enjoy the interaction with the computer."

"Students are more inclined to show enthusiam."

"They are interested in seeing it as it makes a change from me"

"...I get quite a few "oh, so thats what that is-comments as they figure out why a certain answer was right, They know their way around the programme layout quite quickly."

"students used it quite easily, a novelty at first and sometimes a time waster but I don't mind that, time working is not wasted. But ... interested enough to "borrow" the disc."

"... it's the best I've seen, it fits in with the syllabus and the students seem interested in it."

"Just what the doctor ordered"

Student comments

Disclaimer!! To be fair, it wasn't always like this. At the initial stages of development the word "c--p" featured on more than just a few evaluations. It was tempting to go back to lecturing, where student evaluations had been excellent. But we just just worked on the worst issue, then when that was sorted, the next one, and so on. Eventually... the students just ran out of complaints, and there became a sense of 'hey this is actually working'. Once we knew what was effective, we went from strength to strength.

On lots of educational software sites the example feedback is invariably positive, but unless the developer has an inimate relationship with the teaching and learning, they can never understand what really will be effective. Consequently you always need to view such glowing references critically.

And with that, on to ours! and... they are a fair representation.


"I do the work in class with my notes I then try to do them without my notes. I then go home and revise and go over what I have learnt."

"Its good, except my friends are now calling me a geek because of my marks."

"I have become more aware of ... what study method is best / understanding / planning and what works best for me. I feel motivation is a key factor."

"I'm actually thinking of going on to do a degree (in chemistry) thou chem has always been my worst subject."

"Easy access to any particular topic, ie; good organisation of the notes so you know where everything is and can get to it quickly."

"I found computer is the easiest way of learning and studying for test or examination because of the easy access of the notes."

"It helped me to enjoy as many exercises and improved my problem solving strategies in chemistry."

"I told friends interested in the course about how we used computers in learning chemistry, doing exercises and so on."

"I go through and write out how to do the problem in my own steps (my own wording)."

"I like to add my own notes or change the wording on the printed notes.... I write down my methods & work things out step by step."

"I'm really happy! I've made a few blues and don't understand a few things- but you should have seen me last year! Chemistry isn't as scary as it used to be."

"God yeah, its so much better than having to use books... Because with a textbook you're supposed to look up this page number and do the questions on that page, with the computer it's so much easier and it tells you if you've got it right or wrong."

"Print out the notes first and use the example to guide me through the problem, then try it on my own. If I don't understand, I ask for help."

"I told (others) of how substantial the computers were in the course and how the computers and chemistry were well suited....I passed the course with a pretty good score which was as big a surprise to me as anyone"

"Yeah, like I'm a visual person so that's why I actually like the computer, the other thing is that because we've got lots of questions there you've got the answer there but it's not actually saying how to do it, you've got to think and work it out."

"If I don't understand the actual topic then I'd read the notes again and then I'd have a look at the actual question ...cause you have example questions and it shows you the working out and if I understand the example question, 'cause that's the visual thing..."

"Well, maybe it is a good way to learn I suppose. Use imagination for your learning. When you remember something (anything), look at the thing then close your eyes, make a vision in your brain. It is much better way than learn by pens and it keeps well in your brain." (Asian student with English as a second language.)

"At first I was rather hesitant towards this new way of learning. I did not have much of a plan and probably restricted my own views through not trying other methods of learning. Then I developed a sound way of learning through: reading notes, doing questions and seeking help if I got something wrong. This method is quite simple but judging from my first test mark it worked very well for me. This motivated me a great deal and I have stuck with it since then. This learning technique did not just suddenly develop. It took me a long time for me to realise that what I was doing was actually helping me."

"I like to add my own notes or change the wording on the printed notes... I go through and write out how to do the problem in my own steps (my own wording)."

"I'm really enjoying this course and am learning a lot"

"...first time I have understood the basics of stinky chemistry, excellent."

"I began to try and work problems out by myself first before asking for assistance."

"You could go and study off the computer any time you wished"